AutoMON Application

The AutoMON Application
The AutoMON Application

NinJo comprises the AutoMON application, which handles warnings. All warning criteria (rules) can be fully configured. The AutoMON sever reads the appropriate ingested data and checks it against the existing rules. Rules can be configured per user/client or on a side or system wide level. Users can define their own rules and activate them according to their needs. Whenever data matches a rule, the client is informed by the AutoMON server. Signal lamps show the status of events. An own client side AutoMON application can be started to configure the AutoMON rules as well as to  confirm warnings.

Currently, observational data, point forecast data, lightning data and radar data can be monitored. Other data types will be integrated in the future.

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  1. EMS Technology Award 2018 for NinJo.
  2. NinJo 3.2 has been released in November 2018, three months after release of NinJo 3.1.
  3. In August 2018, the 11th NinJo User Group (NUG) took place. The meeting was held in Offenbach, Germany.
  4. NinJo 2.3 has been released in April 2018
  5. In May 2017, the European Working Group on Operational Workstations (EGOWS) held its meeting in Bratislava. The NinJo contribution had the topic "NinJo Archive Access".