NinJo View

NinJo View is the basic software product for the visualization and processing of meteorological data.

Amongst others, NinJo View contains the following layers and applications:

On the server side, NinJo View includes:

  • Configuration server and import,
  • Radar data server and import,
  • Grid data server and import for GRIB1 (regular fields),
  • Satellite data server and import,
  • Point data server and import for observation data, imported by GloBUS, point forecast data, lightning data, storm cell data, station catalogue data, trajectory data, and
  • PointSet data server and import.

The modular software architecture of NinJo View is open for future data formats and forms of representation.

NinJo Product

The NinJo Product software allows the automatic creation of products on servers in batch mode as well as the interactive generation of products using the NinJo Client. NinJo Product supports editing and storing meteorological objects such as fronts and complete products like forecast charts. Several graphical export formats are available (TIFF, PNG, etc.). Additionally, the editing, production and monitoring of weather warnings is included.

Amongst others, NinJo Product contains the following layers and applications in addition to the ones provided by NinJo View:

  • EPM (Editing, Production and Monitoring),
  • IGE Grid Layer,
  • MMO (Modified Model Output) Editor Layer,
  • MetObject Layer,
  • OOG (Objective Optimised Guidance) Data Layer,
  • NinJo Product Workbench, and
  • NinJo Batch (including the NinJo Batch Designer and the NinJo Batch Monitor).