Aviation Layer

Flight path
Flight path

The aviation layer meets the special needs of aviation forecasting. Supported are GAFOR, GAMET, AIRMETSIGMET, METAR and TAF reports.

The user can define a flight path (also with stopovers) and get all reports for it.



Reports list
Reports list

The reports can be copied to the clipboard, to use it in another program, or be printed directly.

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  1. EMS Technology Award 2018 for NinJo.
  2. NinJo 2.3 has been released in April 2018, three months after release of NinJo 2.2.
  3. In August 2017, the 10th NinJo User Group (NUG) took place. The meeting was held in M√ľnster, Germany.
  4. NinJo 2.0 has been released in July 2017.
  5. In May 2017, the European Working Group on Operational Workstations (EGOWS) held its meeting in Bratislava. The NinJo contribution had the topic "NinJo Archive Access".