Lightning layer

Lightning data, colored by age
Lightning data, colored by age

The lightning layer displays the reported lightnings of a selected network for the configured time period.

Lightnings can be colored by age or type, polarity, intensity, stroke count or quality. Positive and negative strokes as well as cloud-to-ground strokes can be displayed seperately.

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  1. NinJo 1.9 has been released in November 2015.
  2. In September 2014, the NinJo User Group (NUG) held its annual meeting, this year under the topic "Analysis, diagnosis and production with NinJo", in Toronto, Canada.
  3. In June 2014, the European Working Group on Operational Workstations (EGOWS) held its meeting in Oslo, Norway. The NinJo contribution had the topic "Event-based forecasting and collaboration".
  4. NinJo 1.8 has been released in May 2014.