Webcam Layer

The Webcam Layer displays webcam images in the NinJo Client to give the forecaster an idea of the current weather situation. A webcam symbol indicates the locations of webcams. The user can add own webcams to the NinJo webcam list. All webcams on the internet can be added.

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  1. EMS Technology Award 2018 for NinJo.
  2. NinJo 2.3 has been released in April 2018, three months after release of NinJo 2.2.
  3. In August 2017, the 10th NinJo User Group (NUG) took place. The meeting was held in M√ľnster, Germany.
  4. NinJo 2.0 has been released in July 2017.
  5. In May 2017, the European Working Group on Operational Workstations (EGOWS) held its meeting in Bratislava. The NinJo contribution had the topic "NinJo Archive Access".